About me

About me

Thank you for visiting my site.

I am a Slovak photographer and started with photography long time ago, I became a professional in 2014. I started as a family photographer, but I came across lots of different genres and objects. I love my job! Mostly I love the fact that I can bring a piece of myself in every photograph I take.

I love photoshooting outside, I like working with natural ambient light and surroundings but I will be happy to invite you in my studio too.

I will be happy to create memories for you throughout your life highlights – your date, your wedding day, your pregnancy, your birth, your newborn baby, your house, your anniversaries… As a commercial photographer I can help you with presentation of your company by providing photos of products, your company events, estates and much more.

If you buy the result of my work, processed photographs, you are not buying my copyright. Therefore, the further handling of images and photos needs my written consent. This also applies to all published photos on my webpage. Their further dissemination, copying or all other than personal (or agreed and paid) use is possible only with my written consent.